Who We Are

The Haven’s mission is to be your beauty & wellness resource which will help you proactively manage very personal elements relating to your femininity, after the diagnosis of breast cancer.
The Haven is Your Partner Through the Journey.
Products and services are offered in a boutique spa setting where you will also enjoy a strong psychological support system should you choose to be part of our Breast Cancer Support Group.
Managing Breast Cancer
Undergoing breast cancer treatment is a journey encountered by many women. We understand the challenges of your journey and are determined to help you conquer your battle with privacy, convenience, peace, joy and beauty.  Our products will help you to better manage your breast cancer at each stage of your treatment plan and continue to live a normal lifestyle as a cancer survivor.  

Our Products & Services
The Haven has partnered with Amoena , an innovative leader in the design of breast cancer products in order to deliver top of the range breast wellness products. Our high quality range of products and services are tailored uniquely for you using leading technology and fabrics that will result in comfort, convenience and the perfect silhouette.

How to Book Your Breast Wellness Consultation
We are pleased to welcome you for a consultation and fitting by appointment only. Our specialized consultant meets with you in the comfort of our spa to understand your treatment plan, conducts a fitting to determine your exact size and recommends the product/s that will benefit you. The consultation requires a minimum of 15 minutes and the fitting a minimum of 30 minutes. In the event your size is not readily available, we can arrange for special orders to be made from our supplier in Germany.

Please call or email us to schedule your consultation.


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